When: September 11-15, 2018

Where: Maximus Factory in Rambukkana Rd, Sri Lanka

What an experience.

I still cannot get over at the fact that I was given the opportunity complete my first mural in Sri Lanka! Y’all this wall was HUGE! The only paintings I did before t

I started it on September 11th by doing a quick outline using tape and continued it till September 15th. I woke up everyday around 5:30am and worked till about 1pm because around 1pm the sun would hit the wall and painting was basically impossible. Then around 5 or 6pm i would go back out to the mural and paint till about 10pm. Since this was my first mural I was definitely a little worried that I wouldn’t finish in time. Somehow everything worked out perfectly and finished just in time.

If you guys are in Sri Lanka you gotta stop by at @ecomaximus (Elephant Dung Paper Factory) on Rambukkana Rd, Sri Lanka. It is right next to the Millennium Elephant Foundation!

(Maximus is a company manufacturing handmade paper and value added products out of elephant dung and other waste matter.)

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