Who is suviniiupekaa?

I am a 28 year old artist with a Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Bachelors in Biological Sciences. I blend my love for the world, pride in Sri Lankan culture, and passion for traditional medicine into each piece I create.

Why do I paint?

I attribute my love and admiration for visual art to my father.  He was a passionate photographer who toted his camera wherever he went. I followed him to photoshoots and remember being intrigued by everything he did. I was amazed by how he transformed old distorted photos with paints, wondering how he knew which colors to use to fix the photographs perfectly. I even got to shadow him in the black room while he developed pictures. I was simply mesmerized by his work.

As I grew older my interests in drawing and painting grew. Drawing centers my soul and calms my mind.  Painting is a way for me to escape to my imagination and create a bright, colorful world of my own. The world around me inspires me – everything from colors and patterns in nature to my mother’s use of vibrant vegetables and fruits in her meals. 

Within this past year, I have been painting more realize how much more it helps me study Traditional Medicine. I notice different curves and colors of the body, which helps me with diagnosis.

I created this website to share work with you and hope you will be able to find something here that brings a little color, beauty and happiness into your world.